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Welcome to ParajVanshLaganMelap.com, Parajiya Soni Samaj matrimonial portal.

ParajVanshLaganMelap.com is non-profit portal, solely created for Soni Samaj and would like to promote marriage within Soni Samaj. No charges whatsoever are charged from the user.
Ancient Vedic Rishis created the Gotra system where they barred marriage between a boy and a girl belonging to the same Gotra no matter how deep the lineage tree was, in a bid to prevent inbreeding and completely eliminate all recessive defective genes from the human DNA.
This system was started among Brahmins, with a purpose to classify and identify the families in the community.
Gotra means cowshed (Go=Cow, tra=shed) in Sanskrit. Panini defines gotra for grammatical purposes as apatyam pautraprabhrti gotram (IV. 1. 162), which means the word gotra denotes the progeny (of a sage) beginning with the son son.
In almost all Hindu families, marriage within the same gotra is prohibited, since people with same gotra are considered to be siblings.

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